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Purple Q hall also known as WoQute

It is another budding brand of NingBo JiangBei Woson Medical Instrument Co., Ltd, established on August 8, 2008. October 29, 2008, WoQute in the mouth of well-known annual meeting--Twelfth Shanghai China International Equipment Exhibition debut at the cavity first time. To "fashion, health, taste and cultural ideas and simple, creative design" has won a lot of clients of all ages and recognized ,also more laid "WoQute" future developments and expectations.

"WoQute" represents a fresh carrier of culture, In order to meet the "people-oriented" demand, around the "I-oriented" center of, thus reflects the "That's my dental culture ..." giving people the true meaning.

My dental culture exists in everyone's side, dental culture is not just the dentist's is everyone's, it symbolizes health and well-being, want to bring people to a new culture of belonging to their own dental experiences.

"WoQute" as a new generation of dental cultural ambassador, And a new attitude, a new culture, and lead people into a new era of dental!