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Congratulations to successful amendment of woson medical treatment website
Publish:2011-09-22 | From: | Views:3615


By arranging, devising, discussing and executing the website more than one month, Ningbo woson medical instrument co.,Ltd’s new website is up line now. From now on, our company will make a new landmark.
The successful new webstie adopt the lastest designed procedure to make it more visual and healthier, letting the design more simple and fresh, its interface is generous and elegant.
After revisioning the website, service and after service-market parts are gained and more valued. It provides a powerful stage for clients and service person to communication.
It adopts many kinds of famous skills of webpage making to show our company’s development. You can not only know company’s service and information, but also know its culture and power completely.
The new website navigation is clear and structure is more reasonable, interactive and available. The vision and design of the webpage is clear, structure is reasonable, style is unified. The most capacity is improved, and its stability is better. We also strengthen the management of category and authority.
The successful amendment will bring you the extraordinary experiences, showing delicate products, easier shipment and real industry blog. It will show the idea of woson better and bring you the best service. Thanks for your support and trust. Woson will be better tomorrow.