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  Willing to Smile


Willing to Smile Self-fulfillment--Self-discipline, Self-improvement,Self-support As an self-disciplined individual in WOSON, she knows only persistent improvement could stand on hers own legs.

Mind---benevolence, patience, persistence Benevolence makes people happy, patience makes people calm, and persistence makes people mighty. Smile----transformation of smile Smiling, essential action of human, is not frivolous, not pretentious and not exaggerated.

Smile stands for different meanings in different conditions, so there is transformation of smile.

Smile is expressing our kindness and sincerity to clients, the precondition of providing excellent service. Smile stands for mutual understanding to colleagues.

Smile stands for confidence in good circumstance Smile stands for looking down on the difficulty and determination to overcome it in adversity.

In smiling, sincerity and goodness is full of heartwarming sweetness.

Smile is a power of arousing imagination and inspiring wisdom, containing various connotations. 

We, as personnel of WOSON, dedicate ourselvesin pursuit of the smile of customers.

We hope all of the customers could deliver smile from heart.